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How To Maintain Bamboo Furniture?
- Sep 23, 2018 -

Sofas are exotic. After a period of popularity, retro furniture has become popular again. There are not only solid wood furniture, but also bamboo furniture. This article is to say how to maintain bamboo furniture.

Bamboo furniture must first speak of his raw materials. Bamboo furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer. Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its hygroscopic and heat-absorbing properties are higher than those of other wood. Therefore, in the hot summer, it sits on it to cool and absorb sweat. Winter has a warm feeling. Second, when bamboo furniture is manufactured, the process is simple, and the natural lines of bamboo itself are preserved. It is very simple and elegant, and it is not inferior to solid wood furniture. Third, bamboo can be made into wood in three to four years, and it can be recycled after cutting. Therefore, raw materials are abundant, and the protective effect on forests is obvious. Bamboo is an ideal furniture material for replacing solid wood. Therefore, the bamboo furniture industry is loved by many environmentalists. Fourth, bamboo has a very good hardness and strong toughness, so bamboo furniture surface smooth, feel comfortable.

"Thousands of miles of embankment, collapse in the ant hole", not to mention bamboo. Because bamboo is rich in cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, sugar, fat, and protein, these ingredients are nutrients for insects such as moths and termites. Therefore, when using bamboo furniture, we should take certain measures to prevent moths. To increase the service life of bamboo furniture.

1. When choosing bamboo furniture, it is best to choose those that have been painted with varnish or cooked with Tung oil. They can not only prevent moths, but also be durable and aesthetic. If you buy medium or small bamboo equipment, it is best to use high temperature to seal the steam and treat it. You can completely kill the bacteria in the bamboo device, or put the bamboo device into boiling water with salt for 1 to 2 days to prevent insects.

2. Bamboo furniture should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. If it is often placed in a humid and dark place, it will be favorable for the reproduction of microorganisms because of humidity, and it is prone to mildew. Such as cabinets, bookshelves, recliners and other large bamboo things, usually to remove the dirt in the gap, and use water to wash clean, drying. Especially for bamboo utensils that are not used for the time being, they should be washed and dried, and then stored in dry and air-permeable places.

3. In the use of bamboo furniture, frequently used bamboo baskets, rice baskets, rice bowls and other utensils should be washed and dried in a timely manner. Large bamboo furniture should be ventilated and dried during placement. In addition, if it is found in use, the worm can be crushed with sharp pepper or pepper and inserted into the wormhole to kill insects and eggs and protect bamboo furniture.