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The Advantages Of Bamboo Wardrobe
- Sep 23, 2018 -

1, green environmental protection, natural materials: bamboo wood can regulate indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet light, anti-static, beneficial to human health. In particular, after the deep charring of the plate, the processed bamboo wardrobe does not change color for a long time, and it can strengthen the adsorption of indoor harmful gases.

2, high temperature cooking, three prevention treatment: through high temperature cooking thorough sterilization, different from the traditional bamboo wardrobe process, fundamentally prevent insects, hair enzymes. The strict control of high pressure and water content, the arrangement of bamboo pieces crisscrossing and other scientific processes, ensure that the bamboo wardrobe exceeds the solid wood in preventing cracking and deformation.

3, fresh, beautiful, noble and elegant: the color of bamboo is natural, full of elasticity, can prevent moisture, high hardness, Kangdianzhu made a bold breakthrough in the wardrobe style design, in the traditional bamboo wardrobe streamlined model into the Chinese classical wardrobe elements. The perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection.

Bamboo is rich in cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, sugar, protein, etc.. These things are nutrients for various insects such as worms and termites. If maintenance and prevention are not timely, bamboo closets that look solid will be These small bugs are destroyed.

Therefore, bamboo wardrobe maintenance is the most important pest control. When choosing a bamboo wardrobe, choose a wardrobe that has been painted with varnish or cooked with Tung oil. Medium and small bamboo equipment, it is best to use high temperature to seal the steam before treatment, completely kill the bacteria in the bamboo device, or put the bamboo device into boiling water with salt for two days, which can also effectively prevent insects.

For frequently used bamboo baskets, rice baskets, rice bowls and other utensils, they should be washed and dried in a timely manner. For large bamboo closets, try to place them in ventilated and dry places. Found insects, you can use a small amount of insecticide solution, such as dichlorvos and other drops into the worm Kongzhong, or can be used to pepper or pepper into the end, inserted into the wormhole. But remember, tableware bamboo vessels can not use the above two sterilization methods.

Bamboo wardrobe is best painted varnish, cooked Tung oil. This can not only prevent moths, but also durable and make it beautiful, is a good thing. Discovering insects, you can use the following methods to remove insects: First, use the right amount of pepper or pepper, mash it into the end, plug it into the hole, and use boiling water to fill it. It has the effect of killing insects and can prevent the spread of insects; The second is the use of kerosene and a small amount of dichlorvos to blend together and drip into the wormhole, which can also kill insects. However, this method is not suitable for bamboo utensils such as baskets and cabinets to store food in order to prevent accidents.

General bamboo wardrobe should be placed in a dry, ventilated place. If it is often placed in a humid and dark place, it will be favorable for the reproduction of microorganisms because of humidity, and it is prone to mildew. Such as cabinets, bookshelves, recliners and other large bamboo things, usually to remove the dirt in the gap, and use water to wash clean, drying. Especially for bamboo utensils that are not used for the time being, they should be washed and dried, and then stored in dry and air-permeable places.

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