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The Difference Between Different Materials Of Cutting Boards
- Sep 09, 2018 -

Different materials have their own characteristics, but wooden dishes are relatively safer because they are natural and no other substances are added. Therefore, it is recommended that the public use natural wooden dishes as a priority.

Wooden dishes are high in density, toughness, and use. However, due to the large variety of wooden dishes, they are not easy to select. Some wooden dishes(such as Wubaimu) contain toxic substances and have odor. It is used to cut dishes. It will contaminate dishes. And it can easily cause vomiting, abdominal pain, and dizziness. There are also some wood loose dishes, such as Yangmucai, the hardness is not enough, easy to crack, its surface is easy to produce knife marks, if not thorough, it is easy to hide dirt, breed bacteria, and pollute food. Therefore, it is suggested that the public is best to choose the best quality of all aspects of white beech, white fruit wood, saponin, Birch or willow made of dishes. The public should not buy "three no" dishes in the hands of small vendors. The dishes produced by formal manufacturers will be marked with wood. Before buying, it is best to smell the dish board. If there is a taste of acid and acid, it is likely to contain sulfur, do not buy it. There are also some wooden vegetable boards sold by small vendors. Compared with ordinary wood, the color is white. The dishes produced by these small workshops are all inferior wood to reduce costs. The "skin color" looks darker. To give the board "whitening", Sulfur fumigation is usually used to bleach, and the remaining sulfur dioxide can seriously harm human health.

The bamboo plate is lighter than wood, is not easy to fake, is relatively stable in quality, and is safer to use. However, its density is not as high as that of the cutting board, and its thickness is not enough. It is mostly spliced, so it can not be used when it is used. There are a small number of boards on the market for the whole bamboo expansion surface. The surface of this cutting board does not use chemical reagents and is not easy to crack, but the price is slightly higher, which is a new choice for healthy and environmentally friendly.

Although the plastic plate is light in weight and easy to carry, it is easy to deform. When buying, pay attention to watching and touching with your hands. Some rough plastic plates are easily cut out of slag and enter the human body with food, causing damage to the liver and kidneys; Some dark color plastic dishes, mostly made of used plastics, more harmful substances, so plastic dishes are best selected translucent color, better quality, uniform color, no impurities and pungent odor plastic dishes.