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The Wooden Storage Box Is Moldy. Can You Clean It?
- Sep 09, 2018 -

The wooden box was moldy because it was in a damp environment for a long time.Refresh is not recommended. Just clean it and dry it in the ventilation.

Maintenance Method for Wooden Furniture: Dust Removal Maintenance Prepare a soft dry towel, avoid wet, gently wipe the surface of the furniture, along the texture of the wood to remove dust. There is no need for any cleaning agent throughout the process to avoid stimulating the surface of the furniture. For routine maintenance, professional wood household cleaners can be used to help remove pollutants, soot, excess wax, etc. from the air contaminated with furniture

Wood Furniture Maintenance Method II: Avoid Scratching

If there are scratches in the furniture, it will not only affect the beauty of the furniture, but also affect the service life of the furniture. Therefore, in the process of use, we should try to avoid damage caused by direct contact between hard objects or metal products and furniture. If not careful to appear small scratches, you can choose the color of furniture wood similar to the wax smeared scratches, will be the cracks filled. After that, wax the area once more to keep the shine level.

Wooden furniture brand recommended wooden furniture maintenance methods

Wooden furniture is one of the most environmentally friendly furniture, has been deeply loved by everyone, I think there will be a kind of furniture in each household is wooden, of course, wooden furniture is not as rigid as iron furniture, light. But if properly maintained, wooden furniture looks more upscale and durable.

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